The smartest feedback terminal in the world

Overall satisfaction is a good start - but we also add in-depth analysis, dynamic content and an infinite adaptability all based on behavioral science.
Welcome to the new standard of touchscreen surveys.

Some of our customers:

Some of our customers:​

Acutal analysis

Aside from simple smileys we also do an in-depth analysis

Heavy-duty quality

Sturdy metal material with a stable foot specially designed for this purpose

Custom design

Adapted to your graphic profile & according to your needs

Offline mode

Unstable Internet? No problem, our devices also collect offline

Pull instead of Push

Encourage people to respond instead of forcing them to answer long surveys

State of the art technology

We only use high quality technology with the highest performance

Locked & secure

The unit is locked and also has preparations for locking cables and mounting to the ground

Plug & Play

Easy to get started, just plug and play.

Appearances for every need

0 %
... or more respond to follow-up questions - so use it to your advantage.
0 sec
... is our "attention span", and our terminal is optimized based on this with psychological precision.
0 %
... of an experience, whether it be customer journey or work environment, is not investigated. And the on-site experience is never measured.
20 - 0 %
... leaves feedback. Compared to traditional methods where less than 1% answers. With a feedback terminal, the response frequency can be vastly multiplied.

Fast feedback - vital in the modern world

When you sent out your traditional survey, waited for answers and then compiled the results and the conclusions manually, the data has already become outdated. The world today is ever changing and so are the opinions. Imagine if you could collect feedback continuously and act in the present. Then your improvements would effect what is actually needed right now.

We forget about 90% of an experience within 30 days

In fact, we put completely different grades on the same experience – if you set the grade when it happens instead of afterwards.

“The experiencing self”, as it is called in science, holds the key within everything from buying behavior to stress level. But traditional surveys overlook the experiencing self and instead listen to “The remembering self”. If you want to increase customer satisfaction or get more engaged employees, it is time to think about how – and when – you measure their opinions.

Curious about what we can do for you?

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Find out why in a simple action plan

This is our most popular method. It gives the respondent the choice to answer some quick follow-up questions which are then analyzed in depth. An Action Plan comes automatically to your inbox, ready for the weekly or monthly meeting.

Smileys measure overall satisfaction

Follow your trends through a simple smiley question.

Follow-up questions with in-depth analysis

Choose follow-up questions from a template or write your own. Respondents choose whether or not to respond. Built from psycological research so that as many as possible should answer. The analysis makes this your actionable to-do list.

The action plan comes automatically

The follow-up questions that create satisfaction and dissatisfaction are pointed out. You do not even need to interpret any graphs. The things you need to prioritize to increase satisfaction is crystal clear.


Variety of question types



Use smileys, stars, numbers or your own symbols. Scale 3-5.

Follow-up questions

Follow-up questions

Single page with brief follow-up questions. Perfect for an overall question.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score

The NPS question: "How likely would you recommend us?" with industry standard reporting.

Text fields

Text fields

Collect comments or contact information in a custom field for email or number.

Multi-choice question

Multi-choice question

Insert your options and determine how many choices may be made.

Image question

Image question

Upload your own photos - on dishes, departments or anything else.

Smart thank you-screen

Smart thank you-screen

Give the respondent the choice to proceed with "Thank you, do you want to proceed?" to please everyone.

More options + templates

More options + templates

Use the question library and templates to get started quickly.

Powerful Report & Analysis

Action Plans

Automatically generated action plans are delivered to your mailbox at a time that suits you. You will receive a fully-analyzed prioritization based on an in-depth analysis. The action plan is specifically designed to be easily communicated to your staff.

Export & Report

You can download custom exports in either PDF or CSV / Excel. It is possible to export on segementation or respondent group. If you want summaries sent to you on a regular basis, you can activate Quick-reports for daily, weekly or monthly summaries.

Web portal & API

Our cloud-based portal is available 24/7. You reach all your results in real-time and with our advanced segmentation module you can segment, compare or merge data. The user hierarchy is adapted to your organization and your needs. We have a GreatRate API that allows you to transfer data to your own business systems.


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