Schedule a 15 min web demo!

It only takes 15 minutes

A no-strings-attached meeting together with an feedback expert. We adapt the time according to what you want to know more about – and give you a run through of the different parts of the system.

It is completely free of charge and you do not commit to anything. If you are not interested in our services after the presentation, we won’t stalk you or bombard your inbox with follow-up emails.

This is not a sales meeting – it’s an informative presentation.

General questions
A regular web demo takes about 15 minutes but you can also schedule 30, 45 or 60 minutes if you have specific questions or needs. Enter in the message field if you want a longer presentation than 15 minutes.

You get a link sent to you that you visit via your web browser – there is a presentation live by a representative who at the same time talk to you either via phone or via the microphone in the computer.

You will NOT share your screen or webcam.

No! A web demo is only for informative purposes. It is completely free of charge and there are no commitments.

We adapt the content to your target audience, your goals and questions. You will see how you can work in our system, how our analyzes work, get inspiration from others in your industry and more!

A web page is a little like a shop window at a store. You can get some sense of what they are selling – but it is not until you enter the store and check out the clothes you can get a full picture. A web demo with a real person lets you enter the store and check everything out in detail – some very well-invested minutes for you if you look at renewing and improving your work with feedback.

Yes! Either you sit together at the same computer / projector or everyone sits at their own computer. We talk either through conference calls or via the microphones on each computer.

Some customers who chose GreatRate after web demo:
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